Work Life Balance...Does it exist?


We’ve all been there—trying to balance career, kids, love, social life, family, not mention a little you time. Some are able to do it—and we’re envious. But, it’s not easy for them either. All you can do is try everyday to make a conscious effort using a few of our favorite tips to achieve a healthy work/life balance. Be aware—some soul searching may be required.

Leave work at the office—wait, what?

That’s unheard of, we know. You still have a pile of papers to grade, emails to respond to, Google chats, meetings, consultations, briefings, clients to see, forms to fill out—the projects to complete are endless! It’s impossible not to let the stresses of work affect us even after hours. In fact, a Harvard Business survey reported that 94 percent of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week, and almost half said they worked more than 65 hours per week. Working this much is most-likely hurting your relationships and your overall health. You can’t do it all. So, when you’re home, try to be present and focused on your family and personal responsibilities —and not your emails.

Make it Count

Okay, if you really can’t leave work at the office, make it count when you can!  Like spending an hour of cuddle time with the kids. Or make and eat dinner with your family. Send a sweet “thinking about you” text to loved ones. Enjoy some time making fun plans like a weekend getaway or fancy family dinner in advance, so everyone has something to look forward to.  This pertains to extended family too. It’s all about time management and knowing priorities. Send out a monthly email updating your family on your life! Keeping them in the loop makes them feel valued and loved. If work takes up even time at home,  it’s the quality time that matters most when it comes to family. 


Take time to relax. Breathe. Take it all in. You live a busy life, and a little meditation and relaxation time is essential to staying focused and present. Take a yoga class, enjoy a nice morning walk or get pampered at the spa. Let off some steam playing golf, hitting the gym or playing guitar. We all need some time to clear our minds of all the pressures the daily grind. You’re worth it! 

Be Mindful.

This is a biggie. Once you experience what balance feels like and you’ve found that happy medium, it’s easier to maintain. Mindfulness is helpful to stay focused and concentrated, not distracted. Your mind might not get to that place all the time, and life will still get crazy busy, but stopping to remember what really makes you happy is the best reality check and the key to work/ life balance.





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