What Did You Do? 10 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

bad website

bad website


Regardless of the size of your business, you need a professional website to build your online presence and support your marketing initiatives. Think of the internet as the modern-day phone book, and your website as a virtual business card. A great website enables you to magnify your voice and content, and serves as your perfect response when prospects ask, "How can I find you?".

However, visitors sometimes leave your website, closing doors of opportunity and rendering a big fraction of your internet traffic useless. Is it because of the bad website design? The bad website layout? Does your website provide a  poor user experience?

If your website is not getting more traffic and generating enough leads, then it might have the characteristics of a bad website! Get to know the reasons why online visitors leave your website (bonus: memes are also provided)!


 1)Slow loading time

A site or graphic that loads at a snail's pace causes user frustration and consequently increases your website's bounce rate.


2) Background music

Background music is considered inappropriate for professional websites. Besides, there is no single music that all of your visitors will like.


3) Inconsistent layout

Have you seen a website that looks like it was made by different people? It makes a very poor impression on visitors. 


4) Clutter

You certainly overdid it when you used every millimeter space of your page. Too much is clutter!


5) Broken links

Broken links do occur once in awhile. Without proper site maintenance, a “404” or “Not Found” error can already cost you your business.


6) Poor navigation

Every website should be designed to guide people in getting what they are looking for--not to confuse them.


7) Lack of content/outdated content

Content is king. If you don't serve valuable content, there is no reason why staying would be interesting to your visitors.


8) Too many typos

Typos and grammatical errors annoy visitors. They're also a factor in their decision whether to continue reading or making a purchase.


9) No contact information

The absence of contact details makes your site look unreliable to visitors. Thus, it deters them from converting into customers.


10) Not mobile responsive

With a website that is not mobile optimized, you risk losing traffic from internet users who own a smartphone (80% of them).



Don’t kill your business by having a bad website. Let us help you succeed online. Dive in with Platypus!




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