Websites Aren't That Easy, Wix (An Open Letter)

In case you haven't seen it, during Super Bowl XLIX Wix ran an ad with the hashtag #ItsThatEasy. The ad claimed that creating a website truly representative and supportive of your business is as simple as a few clicks. At Platypus we know it's a bit more complicated than that. 

An Open Letter to NFL Retirees,

I think it’s nice that WIX wants to help you thrive in the “real world.” Their gift of a do-it-yourself platform that is supposed to enhance your post football brand is…well, cute. But that’s not what you deserve. You should have a dynamic, custom-made online presence. Something special, not oversimplified.

But, it’s not just about originality. It’s about luxury. Not worrying about widgets, plug-ins, menus or layout. No sleepless nights wondering why nothing works. Get some rest; we got this.

A website is not easy to create. You can use a millions hashtags to persuade people to believe this. But it doesn’t matter... #itsnotthateasy. Actually, it’s an art. So, Brett, Terrell, and Emmitt--when you’re technically frustrated, give us a call. #WeWillFixIt.


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