Utilizing Feedback to Make a Positive Change

Feedback is critical for your business in the long term. It allows insight in your customers' impression of you, where you're strong and where improvements can be made. Consumer habits are never static, they can change in an instant. Feedback and customer comments help you keep up to date with the trends in your current market. Feedback allows channels of communication to be open between you and the customer. Yet over time, research suggests that customer feedback is on a decline. With such a direct channel of communication, why is this an emerging trend?

While many businesses request feedback, often times the feedback doesn't translate into meaning. Consumers have no idea their concerns influenced the direction of a company. They are left wondering, did I have a say? 

"To establish and maintain a healthy flow, customer feedback must result in change your customers can see. Change is the most powerful currency to reward vocal and consultative customers."

Change is key to giving feedback a meaning. When you show your customers that you can change, you are showing them that you are listening to what they have to say! Using apps like TradeOn, you can encourage feedback and provide them with a token of you appreciation. Let them know you are listening to their concerns.

With increased feedback, you're painting a more complete picture of your public image. The first steps to validating feedback inform them that you've received it, be sure to thank them for their time! Be sure to update on whether or not you plan to alleviate their concerns. Now you can separate the feedback into positive and negative feedback.

Positive feedback, doesn't mean that you can be complacent. It means knowing what your good at and finding ways to further play to you strengths! Consumer needs evolve, you need to remain relevant! If you can build on your current strengths and improve on your weaknesses you will be setting yourself up for success.

It is never easy hearing criticism. However, you should value it. Negative feedback should be the driving factor in making your business stronger. Complaints open the door for improvement and lead to overall greater success of your business. Use negative feedback to your advantage. When you can sit down and see that there are consistent complaints with one area, you know there is a bigger problem. Alleviate the problem by providing a solution. Bad customer service experiences reach more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. Addressing unhappy customer concerns can help reduce any future collateral damage.

Your customers are the constant solution to success, not the problem. Do what you can for them so your business can continue to grow. 


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