Twitter Adds Native Video Capture & Upload To Android and iOS Apps

We all know that video is critically important to Social Media success. On Facebook alone, video uploads and activity have increased 360% since 2014. Twitter has always supported video posts from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, but users who want in-app video sharing have had to adopt Vine's 6-second limitations. Now, in a big move to compete with Facebook and YouTube, Twitter has announced the official app supports video recording.

Much like its Vine acquisition, Twitter allows users to piece together a longer video from shorter snippets. Unlike Vine, Twitter users aren't limited to the paltry 6 second time limit. Simply open the app and take a photo like you're used to doing. Once there, a handy new video icon is available. The recordings are stabilized and do well in low-light. Perfect for sharing moments with friends, or an exciting happening at your business.

Twitter Video Recording In 3 Steps

Twitter Video Recording In 3 Steps

These options are available right now. If you want to try it out, download the Twitter app here!


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