Top 5 Branded Videos to Inspire Your Campaigns

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Video  has become a powerful tool with more brands now realizing the impact of  video marketing on their business. Indeed, video is already beyond entertainment. What used to be just an option is now  a necessary piece in your marketing strategy.

According to Marketing Land, 71% of marketers report that videos drive more conversions than any other type of content. Because video appeals to both sight and sound, it is highly effective in achieving your goals when it comes to brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement. Remember the last time you searched for a product video. Remember the last time you shared a video ad on Facebook. Remember that time you reacted emotionally to a random video you saw online. Videos have the ability to connect deeply with people and influence them to perform certain actions!

In this blog, we give you the top five branded videos in 2015 as compiled by Visible Measures and published by Advertising Age. They were ranked according to “True Reach”, a metric that includes brand-driven views as  well as views coming from “user-uploaded copies and derivatives.”

Facebook (whose video platform is taking on YouTube) won the top spot with its ad campaign, “What’s On Your Mind?”. It recorded a True Reach of 295,561,583 by the time the list was compiled towards the end of December 2015. This video ad highlights the thoughts and moments that move people into posting each Facebook status. Who would have thought that posts such as “Going clubbin??" and "Quit my dead-end job!!!” are actually driven by very strong emotions?

Get ready to create your own viral campaign after watching these 10 videos!


1) What's On Your Mind (Facebook)

    True Reach: 295,561,583

    Release Date: 6/20/15

2) Love Has No Labels (Ad Council)

     True Reach: 162,105,208

     Release Date: 3/3/15

3) Create Your Own Game (Adidas)

     True Reach: 148,356,018

     Release Date: 8/6/15

4) The Story of Sarah & Juan (Wrigley’s Extra)

     True Reach: 126,093,427

     Release Date: 10/7/15

5) Take It (Adidas)

    True Reach: 113,270,038

    Release Date: 2/13/15


Video is the most influential way to bring your brand identity to life. At Platypus, we are dedicated to understanding your business to boost visibility in today’s market. Get started now!


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