The Art of Retention: How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Customers already love your product, but how do you keep them happy and wanting more of it? Building customer loyalty is one of the more challenging tasks in running a business. At Platypus, we strive to make our customers feel valuable through stellar customer service and tech support, free business evaluations, discounts on website and business listing renewals, and immediate access to new and up-in-coming products.  But, as trends in your industry change, so do your customer’s needs and wants. Thus, it’s important always review your current retention tactics to ensure you're using the best methods to retain customers.  

The art of retention lies in these 3 core principles that are bound to maintain your current clients and inspire new ones!  

Customer Loyalty Programs

Current  and new customers love loyalty programs for the deals, steals and all the feels. From free shipping, access to new products and secret giveaways, to special discounts and more, customer rewards programs are a no-brainer for maintaining customer retention. Use email marketing, postcards, gift cards or points systems to make new clients and keep the old.

Know Your Customer

Know if and when your customers are leaving. Customers don’t return for a reason. Once you’re educated on WHY they leave, you can start building customer loyalty in fresh new ways. Test and repeat. In addition, know why your customer stays. Don’t just focus on the negative. It’s essential to understand not just what your most popular and fan-favorite products are, but WHY your clientele can’t get enough of your company. Is it the positive user experience? Products they can’t live without? Or is it the free shipping? Whatever it is, do more of it!

Client-Referrals Mean New Business

The New York Post states that 65 percent of new business comes from referrals. Enough said! Whether you have a referral program where customers receive money back for every referral, or you’re posting client testimonials online, a person’s word adds more value than any other marketing tactic.

*Employee retention is also an important factor in customer retention. A happy team is a productive team. And the more satisfied and motivated they are, the more energy they’ll put towards their client relationships. For more information on employee satisfaction, check out our video, The Economics of Employee Happiness. Cheers!


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