The 5Cs in Tapping Social Media Influencers

As traditional advertising shifts to a digital setup, influence marketing is becoming the most effective way to attract prospects and clients. Influence marketing focuses on marketing your message through social influencers who can appeal to your target demographics. The fame of social media marketing made influence marketing a feasible strategy to attract potential customers!

Tapping to social influencers means generating content about your brand and getting recommended to their massive number of followers. This means driving the traffic from their own followers towards your channel. On top of that, connecting with social influencers gets you an access to their followers’ network as well, increasing your social media exposure.

Since influencers work hard to build their personal brands, tapping them requires the right approach and strategies:

Connect to the right person

Influencers vary depending on your brand. When sorting your influencers, you must define your customers’ interests and needs first. You can use apps to track down the candidates for your brands. TapInfluence came up with a new platform called TapFusion that allows brands to get in touch with influencers through an eBay like format. You can post a new campaign along with your specifications and expect to get a match from an estimated of 25,000 registered social media influencers.

Choose your platform

While it’s true that running campaigns on all platforms is ideal, choosing just two or three gives you more focus and time to engage. Determine which channels your audience are most engaged into. Doing so helps you choose the most suitable influencers who make the most noise in your chosen platforms. Remember, as social media platforms vary so are the influencers. For example, if you decide to use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to plug your brand, you can use these channels to discover influencers. This can also be the other way around. Choosing influencers first prior to your platform means getting suggestions from the influencer as to which channel best suits your brand.

Connect to your influencers

Relationships are important to influencers. Before initiating that first contact, make sure you know their background. Craft a brilliant strategy to reach out to your influencers. Who are their audience? What are their platforms? How do you nurture relationships with them? While others might want cash incentives, some may want an exchange link or sponsorship. Be personable to build lasting relationship.

Craft your campaigns

If you have existing campaigns, revisit them and see which part your influencers can take part of. If you don’t have strategies yet, you can start with these ideas. More so, you can sit down with the influencer and brainstorm ideas on how you can mutually benefit from the campaign.

Champion at Consumer Generated Content

Apart from these influencers, you can also encourage content generation from your consumers. This organic way to generate content is a great way to foster relationship with your audience as well as spread brand awareness.

Based on McKinsey study, word of mouth generates 37% higher retention rate. Taking advantage of influencer marketing helps you connect with consumers.

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