Becoming A LinkedIn Powerhouse, Part 1: Establish Your Company

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, featuring over 300 million users. In 2013, 88% of Inc. 500 companies were using LinkedIn. Since its launch in 2003, it has become the place for businesses to share their story, grow their customer base, establish expertise in their industry, and grow their network. Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? If you aren't on LinkedIn yet, how can you get the most out of this powerful tool? The key is in your businesses presence on the network. Your company page is the foundation of your businesses presence on LinkedIn.

Here are some tips to becoming a LinkedIn Powerhouse:

Creating Your Company Page

Create a one stop shop for information about your business. This will include your company logo, cover image, and description of your business. When writing your company bio, make sure that it is compelling and keyword rich. It is important to use high-quality images. This is the first thing your visitors will see about your business. Impress them. Your information should include links to your website, company specifics, products and services offered, and core values or mission statement. Be sure to link your page to your other social networks, company website, and blog, if you have one.

Pro-Tip: Get to know your audience before setting up a company page. Run a quick search on customer personas to see what types of topics they follow. This will give you an idea of how to form your page. For example, if your businesses main product is a social media scheduling platform, you would search "social media manager."

Grow Your Following

Build a community of brand advocates. When you have a following, your chances of getting noticed increases. Make it easy for existing customers and potential customers to connect to you on LinkedIn by adding a embedded follow button on your website, email communications, and blog.

Take part and build yourself as an expert in your industry by joining LinkedIn groups in your industry. Establish your expertise, create brand awareness and promote your company page through participation and engagement in groups. Engagement will drive traffic and attention to your page.

Analyze your efforts by measuring how your following is growing, the types of people you're reaching, and content they are engaging with by using the Company Page Analytics offered by LinkedIn to track your progress.

Get Your Employees Involved 

No one is a better brand advocate than your employees. Engage them to drive traffic to your business. Have your current employees connect to your business and add their current position held. Not only, will your employees be updated on changes and news happening in your business, their followers will be able to click on your business since you are linked with them. This drives traffic to your company page and can lead to traffic on your business website.

Provide Great Content

Sharing great content is a natural way to gain followers. Establish your expertise and build trust with followers by engaging them with great content. On average, businesses posing 20 times per month reach at least 60 % of their audience.

Here are some general tips on posting content:

Keep a somewhat regular posting schedule so followers know when to expect your next post.

Use pictures, videos, articles, and SlideShare to increase engagement.

Employee engagement is key. Have your employees share your content.

To get engagement, you must engage. Create conversations with followers and respond to comments about your post.

Don't fill your content with posts promoting your company. For every post promoting your company, at least four posts should focus on your industry.

If you can follow these tips for managing your businesses presence, you can become a POWERHOUSE on LinkedIn. Stand out from other businesses in your industry and show your followers you are an expert. Increase traffic, brand awareness, and share your businesses story on the world's largest professional network by connecting to those who really matter.

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