Stir up the Buzz: The FUNdamental Elements of An Interesting Infographics

Catching your audience’s attention is now more challenging in this data-saturated digital world. Whether offline or online, users are blasted with too much information that they find text tedious and animated infographics more engaging. This is not surprising as it only takes less than 1/10 of a second for people to digest a visual sense. More so because people have 65% retention rate for visual information, a pale comparison to a 10% text-based data.

However, image alone is not sufficient to deliver entertainment and information at the same time. This is where infographics helps you deliver the information while engaging your audience.


Infographics is a portmanteau of information and graphics to emphasize your point and create a visual impact to your audience. When done right, they can help magnify your ideas to become more understandable. While narrative is key in infographics and data visualization, you must not forego these basic elements to make your data visualisation infographics a hit:

Storyline First, Visual Later

A storyline makes your information for infographics seamless and coherent. Don’t just make it about your product but always consider the value that your audience can get from your infographics. It helps to create a storyboard where you outline or map out your key points into sub headings and come out with supporting details.

reable. Embed a code in your blog to be easily shared. When it comes to sizes, remember the standard sizes for each social channel. Make your infographics easy to download too by considering the weight and size of your file.

Stay Credible

Cite sources to inform your audience where you got your facts. This doesn’t just support your story but also allows them to read further.

Creating infographics alone doesn’t guarantee that your visual content becomes shareable and viral. However, these guidelines can help you create an effective infographics that your audience will love to share!





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