Staying Out Of A Summer Slump

You’re not alone, everybody struggles to keep morale high during the long days of summer. In 2012, Captivate Network conducted a study on productivity during the summer. The study was based on responses collected from 600 white-collar workers. The survey suggests productivity drops by 20% during summer months, with 45% of the individuals participating in the study saying they felt more distracted.

Due to a lethal combination of humidity, day-dreaming, and generally feeling happier during the summer, remaining on task and vigilant becomes difficult. But never fear, we’ve come up with a few solutions that could help keep you firing on all cylinders.

Get a Change of Scenery

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the nice weather the entire day! Consider taking your lunch outside, Try to lobby for having your meetings some place other than the conference room, like outdoors or at a restaurant. 

A popular practice at Platypus’s Seattle office is taking a brief walk outdoors during a break. Just getting an opportunity to be outside can give you that needed energy boost! 

Use Your Vacation Days

Your vacation days are meant to be used, rather than continuing to rack them up, take a little time off to get some much needed R&R. Getting the chance to unwind will keep you fresh, the chance of getting burnt out will dramatically decrease. 

Be sure that if you do take vacation time that you detach yourself from the office completely, unplug and avoid any contact with work! Failing to do so will just make you feel guilty and stressed while you’re out of the office. 

Get In Early

Beat the early morning rush hour and come into work earlier than required. If you’re productive during the day you can perhaps get off earlier and take advantage of the nice afternoon/evening weather. 

Don’t overdo early start though, remember that sleep deprivation is just as responsible for declining work performance as summer weather is!

Adjust the Thermostat Accordingly

According Grasshopper’s in-depth infographic attached below, the optimal temperature for a summer work environment is in the range of 70-72 degrees. Higher temperatures decrease productivity, lower and office wide error rates will increase.

Take a look at the rest of Grasshopper’s infographic, it’s full of cool information about a variety of other ways our work life is affected in the summer!


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