Social Media Blunders to Avoid Like the Plague


We all know that social media is essential for all business owners— after all, it’s the most widely seen form of advertising there is. But are you doing it correctly? Research shows that 95% of small businesses are failing to use social media management effectively. Don’t be a statistic, be a success story!

Let’s start with what not to do. Check out our top four social media blunders to avoid—and get back on track!

Don’t mess with your target audience

If your target audience is male and some of your posts reflect content about women, you’re obviously on the wrong track. Make sure your social media campaign and posts are speaking directly to your best customer—the one who knows your product or service and supports you. Post content and images that those people would be interested in reading—something that relates to your business and sparks their interest. The second you start to veer away from that, the more likely your audience will feel less connected and stop visiting your social pages.

Avoid binge posting

There is nothing worse than binge posting. So, what’s too much? If you have a large social following ( over 10,000 followers), two posts a day is more than enough. But, if you are a small business, two posts a day will actually hurt you. Research from shows that if you have smaller social following, posting twice a day will result in about 50% fewer clicks per post. Posting once or twice a week (or at least 5 times a month) for smaller companies is a nice balance. Followers will look forward to your posts and you’re not overwhelming anyone with meaningless, random content.

No plan is a no go

Strategy is key with social media management. If you have the time, create a content calendar with a content strategy based on your goals. For example, maybe one month you want to focus just on sales. Your content should reflect more sales-oriented content—videos, images and verbiage that influences people to click on the button that goes to your website for the pure purpose of shopping—thus, making conversions. Or perhaps you want to educate them on your business. Weave facts along with your sales content so you have a nice balance. Nevertheless, think about your goals on social media. Strategize, create, and check your results. Rinse and repeat.

Boring content is social media suicide

Boring content has serious side effects. Regardless if you have a brilliant strategy and post the right amount each week: If your content is boring, your followers (and potential new followers) won’t be inspired. Spice it up, already! Take some time to find fresh content from recent articles, studies, and major headlines in your industry. Create surveys, ask questions, and make bold statements. Capture their attention with “How-To’s,” blog posts or images of your company and staff. The point is to intrigue your followers so posting old news or irrelevant content will hurt your following in the end.



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