Unique Stories Told Brilliantly: SD Coastal Homes

At Platypus, all of our products are geared towards one goal: telling your unique story brilliantly. Every solution we provide--websites, videos, social media, online presence management--are all geared towards creating a narrative that strikes a chord with your audience. We think of our clients like up and coming musicians. They have all the talent in the world and a killer setlist, all they need is a stage to perform on. We provide a stage that draws an enthusiastic crowd that's lined up around the block to hear them play!

SD Coastal Homes is a San Diego based real estate agency that specializes in luxury homes. When we started working with them, they had an incredible vision how they wanted to be portrayed, they just needed help to put that idea online. Their current homepage left a lot to be desired in capturing the vision they had in mind.


While the visual layout of SD Coastal’s site left much to be desired (several different typefaces, mismatched icons), they came to us with some unique features already in place, like the “Hot Properties” feature. SD Coastal Homes managed a daily list of properties that visitors could browse while on the site, appealing to our inherent need to read "trending" information.

They loved the idea of having their own personal listings, and with good reason! Keeping their listings on their site is a great way of reinforcing that their agency was the one-stop shop for San Diego real estate. When we set out to rebuild their site, the number one priority was featuring their Hot Properties in a visually impactful way. Here is their final product:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.03.24 PM

In addition to modernizing their layout, we streamlined a feature that deserves a ton of attention! We also built them a dynamic search engine, rather than simply creating a bulleted list of homes. Customers can fill out all the search fields as specifically as they like, then it will bring up any homes that meet all their desired qualifications. We modernized their layout, and flattened their design. The end product gave them expandability and plenty of places to showcase the gorgeous homes they deliver!

When you take killer ideas and translate them to the web, you make dreams a reality. Every business has an exciting story, and it should be told online!

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