Reconnect and Reintroduce: Get your branding back on track

There is one thing that marketers have in common: creativity. You should always think outside the box and reinvent for a fresh branding, making your brand  relevant and relatable to your audience. With a spectrum of information and entertainment available out there, keeping your audience hooked is now more challenging. But don’t fret; With the right business branding strategy and implementation, you can find your brand back on track again!

Evaluate and Update

Reevaluating your business branding strategy to align with current trends and your customer’s needs is critical to your company’s growth. The evaluation should be progressive. What are the current trends? Which market offers the biggest potential for expansion? Are you catching up with your competitors? Take for example the case of UPS and FedEx, two of the leading package delivery systems in the US. At the onset of e-commerce development on the early 1990s, both companies were forced to review and reevaluate their market and business strategies. With e-commerce being the trend, small parcel deliveries were on demand. UPS recognized this, saw the opportunity and reinvented their identity. They evolved along with the modern business environment. In 1999, they changed their vision statement to “the enablers of global e-commerce”, underwent a complete organization restructure and even changed their logo on 2001. On the other hand, FedEx who struggled with the e-commerce trend refocused their brand on international air freight. Now, with e-commerce booming more than ever, UPS stock is premiumed higher than FedEx. It is recognized as Fortune Magazine’s # 1 in Delivery brand.


Be Ahead of the Game

Never just assume what your customers want. Ask. This is one of the most common mistakes that businesses make that creates a sense of disconnection and irrelevancy to their branding. Conduct a survey and know the pulse of your consumers to synchronize your campaign. Take heed from Nike who took running into greater heights. Nike collaborated with Apple after discovering how people love to accompany music with their exercise. They made Nike+ application providing their consumers music while coaching them on their physical activity.  The ability to be stay in tune with what your audience needs is crucial to keep your brand fresh.


Change your perspective

Try a different approach when coming up with new strategies. Invite fresh eyes and minds to fish for new concepts and ideas. Before brainstorming, identify your goals first. Afterwards, free the reigns and let your people throw in ideas. Not all ideas are plausible and applicable but gather all of them first before sorting. While considered a tech giant, Microsoft   refused to update their logo since 1987. With new and bigger tech companies emerging fast in the market, Microsoft began lagging behind. They saw the opportunity to reposition themselves in the industry and got a fresh makeover in 2012 improving public perception.



Innovate and Engage

Reintroduce your brand to your consumer without losing your flair and signature style. Incorporating fresh ideas to your existing strategies is key to knockout branding. Just like what Tom Freston say, “Innovation is taking two things that already exists and putting them together in a new way".


Leverage on the power of social media as well. It’s where people are! Instagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter; find out which platform works best for your audience. Customers love to belong in a community and engage in activities. So, interact with them through special promotions, events, contests or any activities that require customer involvement. Take advantage of user-generated content to stir a buzz and cut through the digital noise.  


Take it to the personal level

Hit a soft spot by reintroducing your brand in a personal way. Tell stories, share milestones and show behind the scenes. Narrating your stories and empathizing with your audience creates a connection and builds rapport with your market.  Coca-cola certainly knows how to provide a personalized experience to their customers with “Share a Coke” campaign. They live up to their company’s missions which are: to inspire moments of optimism, create value and difference, and refresh the world. Prior to the campaign, the brand experience a steady sales decline in 10 years but were able to recoup their loss with 1.9 billion servings per day, a 2% increase in their sales.


Trends are evolving so should your branding. If you become inconsistent with your message or disconnected with your audience, it might be time to revamp and reintroduce your brand.




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