A Quick Guide to Growing Your Social Following

It has become increasingly important for businesses to be using social media. In the technology driven market, if your not on it, you are missing out on potential customers. With over 74% of all internet users active on social media, this is an invaluable tool to connect with the consumer market. The majority of social media users are on social networks to connect with friends and family. Very few are actually influenced to make purchases through pushes on social media.

So what's in it for businesses? While social media has very little effect on purchasing decisions, businesses can use it to influence consumer behavior. Positive reviews and feedback over social networks will lead to a higher level of favorable impressions of your business.

"Consumers' level of engagement in a company's social media activity is positively related to their perceptions of corporate reputation."

To get the most out of social media you must first grow your social following. While many businesses are already on a social network already, 28% of business owners allow a lack of strategy to deter them from the constant use of social networks. Social media if managed correctly can increase brand loyalty and eventually lead to sales.

After you have established a social following, you can put your main focus on engagement. Win consumers over with a variety of thoughtful content, expert advice and tips, and get involved with the community established around your industry. When you are able to show that you are a leading expert, you can count on more visibility for your business.

Business growth is much like a tree, you must cultivate it to get the best results. Social following is the soil to cultivating that growth. 


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