Promote Your Business Like a Pro this Summer!


Turn it up a notch this summer and promote your business with these proven  social media marketing tips and business promotion ideas!

 Sweet Summer Sales

Summer is almost here! From home improvement needs to beauty products, your customers are aching for a fresh change to start the summer right. This is the perfect chance to take advantage of promoting seasonal products or services that will set the summer off for your customers. You can promote your business by creating ads on social media or sending an email blast with a summer-only sale, but our favorite way to promote your business is to GET OUT THERE!

Enjoy the sun and attend local outdoor events, hand-deliver letters to businesses, visit former clients or sign up for farmer’s markets.  A personable approach always makes people feel more valued, and summertime is the perfect chance to turn it up a notch.

 Surveys, Contests and Giveaways, oh my!

Everybody loves a freebie! Create a special survey for your customers to complete (email it or post on social media!) and as an incentive, randomly choose three surveys that will receive a special discount. Spice it up even more and promote your business with a contest for referrals. The customer that refers the most clients within a certain time frame receives a major deal or free service. We love challenging clients— and they love a bargain!

 Cause a Reaction

Limited-time deals are everything and can be quite the moneymaker. When customers feel like they might miss out on something, they tend to react immediately, Call it impulsive, maybe. But, we like to call it brilliant. Use phrases such as “ Sale Ends Tonight!” or “Almost Out of Stock!” Limited deals are fantastic incentives for your customers and great opportunities for the new ones to check out your great flash deals.

There are countless ways to promote your business. We say have fun and get creative with it! This summer season, impress your customers with top-notch services and fabulous summer-time deals.








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