Platypus Media PH Office Makeover: Of Vibrant Nooks and Crannies

The Platypus satellite office in the Philippines (Platyppines Media Solutions) broke the monotony through a colorful office makeover. Tagged as “Love the Place You’re Working,” the office update program is a month-long effort of the platypods.


The program provided different teams an opportunity for office rebranding. It also brought out unity, innovation and creativity among the platypods. The concerted hard work of different teams created a personalized workspace that isn’t just functionally beautiful, but also speaks a sense of individuality and expression.


On Teamwork and Creativity

Despite work schedules and personal engagements, Platypods went the extra mile just to give their workstations the needed facelift. The makeover program also gave them the chance to de-clutter their stuff and readjust their focus. It also provided the opportunity to get to know their teammates on a more personal and artistic level.



Each department showcased their creativity, resourcefulness and initiative. The Platypods went out of the box as they transformed their work stations. The creative team got the festive and artistic vibe with their abstract-themed station while the web team chose to retain their signature minimalist style. The admin department opted for a darker hue, a striking contrast to account management’s pastel palette. As an all-girls team, the social media department channeled some girl-power vibe, painting their station with lovely old rose pink.housewarming



The Platypods capped the program with a housewarming last Friday, May 19, 2017. Food, stories and acoustic session lead by Platypus interns highlighted the intimate event. Overall, the office makeover program resulted to a place worthy of housing talented technologists, storytellers, artists, and leaders.



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