Platyppines Media Holds Solutions Team Building

On June 15 and 16, Platypus Media PH held its annual team building activity with the theme, “Segue: Turning Over a New Leaf” at Duka Bay Resort, Misamis Oriental. Fresh from the Seattle office, Platypus’ honcho Donald Burkholder took part in the event and bravely participated in the various  activities. Terri Trovato, the social media department’s manager who flew all the way from Texas, also bonded with the Philippine team.

Platypus’ client, Suzanne Haddon, founder and creative director of Rooland Design shared her expertise in branding. From adding life to a brand, to dealing with a range of clients, the platypods were impressed with her creativity. She also discussed her vast experience working with prominent brands along with the people she considered as her inspirations. At the end of her talk, the platypods agreed on the importance of having a vision, innovation and passion to give brands the right personality.

Now that the platypods were energized and inspired from the branding workshop,  their spirits were high for the second part of the teambuilding, which were the games. Everyone put their competitive face on as the groupings were announced. The platypods, along with Bert, Suzanne and Terri were grouped into four and competed in the first round of challenges. The first set of games involved swimming and higher levels of concentration, as each team tried to beat the others.

The groups had an impromptu cardio exercise as they played dodge ball during the second part of the games. After the gliding, sliding, tripping and dodging, the Blue Team, Platy Elites emerged victorious.

In the evening, the director of operations, John Paul Palad gave a short talk on leadership. He imparted the qualities of a good leader as well as the common traits of successful leaders. At the end of his talk, he challenged teams to a lego-building activity that tested their photographic memory as well as their communication skills.

The Platy-auction was arguably the most anticipated part of the team-building activities, where platypods bid for exciting items. Bert took the auctioneer’s role and went on to sell 91 items. Some of the items came from the platypods themselves. Among the things that platypods were gunning for  was the family computer, makeup stash, spa and manicure sessions, Sumie Painting, art pencils, and a roundtrip ticket to Bacolod and IloIlo. At the end of the auction, everyone went home happy with their new auction items!

The first night of the team building activity was concluded with little chit chats, music and a laidback vibe atmosphere. The second day of the teambuilding was spent underwater snorkeling. Others got a shot of adrenaline after being thrown to the sharks in the banana boats.

Platypus Media puts great emphasis on employee engagement. We believe that happy employees mean increased productivity, which results in success. This is why we invest in these team-building  trainings and activities to increase employee engagement, facilitate better communication and promote camaraderie.

Watch the team building video here.

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