Use Pinterest To Influence Consumer Behavior Without Them Even Knowing

We have told you more than once that social media is good for business. How good exactly, comes down to how the consumer market reacts to the things you share. If you read our blog on growing your social following, you know that social media doesn't actually affect purchasing decisions as much as we would like them to. Instead, social media should be used to connect with the consumer market and build on your brand awareness.

One social network that is succeeding in both positively affecting purchasing decisions and connecting with the consumer market is PinterestPinterest is a visual bookmark board. You find things you like and save them by "pinning" them to categories on your board. It is an easy way to organize online findings. How does Pinterest influence consumer behavior more than Facebook or Twitter? It all starts with it's users. Pinterest has been the fastest growing social network since 2012 and continues to grow! 

With over 85 million unique visitors each month and over 70 million overall users it would be a shame to not be on Pinterest. Content on Facebook and Twitter have a very short life cycle of under five hours. Pinterest has a long life cycle lasting over 30 days.

40% of the clicks happen within the first day

70% of the clicks happen within the first 2 days

Remaining 30% clicks come all the way through 30 days and beyond

Pinterest continues to work after you "pin" content. Engagement levels increase as users "re-pin," like, comment, and click though to your site. You can look forward to a big ROI. 47% of US online shoppers bought something as a result of a Pinterest recommendation. Pinterest buyer spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the top five social media sites. The average user spends $123.50 on an order compared to Facebook's $54.64 order, that's a 126% difference! Users actually want to get connected with retailers.  43% use Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands they identify with.


As you can see above, it pays to be a business on Pinterest. Many use it to look for inspiration in making a purchase. With the right strategy, your company can have the power to influence consumer decisions.

Here are the 10 most popular boards on Pinterest:

  1. Food & Drink
  2. DIY & Crafts
  3. Home Decor
  4. Women's Fashion
  5. Inspirational Quotes
  6. Health & Fitness
  7. Humor
  8. Travel
  9. Technology
  10. Hair & Beauty


If your business falls into one of those categories you will do great on Pinterest. Here are a few things to help you get started.

  • Sign up for a business page,  you will get insights on how your pin's are doing. Regular users don't have insights. Monitor your engagement levels and see who is clicking through to your site.
  • Create your business page and pins with SEO in mind. Optimize everything from your business name, about me section, description for your pins, to the file names for images used. Photos that have an optimized file name will show up more when users search for something.
  • Chose a high-quality photo.
  • Expanded descriptions have space for 500 characters, however descriptions should be approximately 200-300 words for the best results.
  • Link the pin to your website or blog. This will drive traffic to your site.
  • If creating a pin for a product, include a price.
  • Keep promoted pins in mind for added visibility and engagement.
  • Create boards that make sense to your business.
  • Like all social networks engagement is the key.
  • Add a "Pin-it" button on your website to make sharing easier.
  • Constantly re-pin content that fit your business. This increases your visibility and allows you to engage with other users.
  • Connect with users who already have the attention of your target market.
  • Have a group board where users interested in your industry can come together and share. This opens the door for more new customers.


Oklahoma Landscape, is a landscaping company that is doing Pinterest right! If you analyze their page you can see a mixture of content both pinned from other users and pins created by themselves. With the pins they create, it always leads back to their blog. From their blog, users have access to their other posts and a link to their main website. They are continuously driving traffic by providing great content and utilizing Pinterest for its wonderful benefits!

Pinterest is playing a major role in driving consumer behavior. If you are not on it, you should be! Reap the benefits from Pinterest without even trying. They've already done half the work for you!


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