Personalizing Your Customer Service

We live in a world that is run by technology. Most business transactions take place online. Technology around e-commerce will only continue to grow and become more advanced. Where we used to rely on our solid sales skills, we now turn to technology. Are we losing track of what is really important, the customer? Technology has advanced the way that we do things, mostly for the better! However, in this e-commerce culture we have lost touch with why we do what we do, the customer. In a previous blog post: Does Human Interaction Matter, we mentioned the need to find a balance between the new technology coming out and human interaction. Balancing the two involves personalizing your customer service efforts online and in-person.

Customers need to feel that there is a person behind the business and not just a machine. This personalization will lead to a higher level of trust, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Optimize your customers experience with your business by treating them like an individual and not just another sale. Customers who feel valued are more likely to become a loyal customer. Loyal customers buy more, purchase more often, cost less to serve, and have higher retention rates. Lesson to learn from this: Loyal customers are very, VERY important for the success of your business. 

The first step to personalizing your customer service is to realize that your customers are all individuals. They are not all the same and  must be handled as such. One form of service may work for one customer but not the other.

Here are tips to personalize your customer service:

  1. Show the customer that you know them: This goes beyond addressing them by their name. This means knowing their past business with you. Be sure to have all the information on the customer readily available. Your customer does not want to sit and give you information you already have. Make it as easy as possible for your customer.
  2. Deliver custom service: If you know what you customer wants, help them find the answer or product. Don't make them look for the answer and don't lollygag. Show them you care about their time. When you deliver prompt service, you build trust and expertise.
  3. Encourage dialogue: Dialogue can take place online, in-person, and over the phone. Dialogue can help you understand the needs of your customer more and be able to troubleshoot problems in real time. Use social media as an outlet to create conversations.
  4. Develop a loyalty program: Reward your customers for their continued business. Your business would not exist without  customers.
  5. Focus on the little things: Anything from a greeting to a purchase can be personalized. The question you need to ask yourself is: What is going to make me stand out from my competitors?
  6. Get customer feedback: Nothing shows that you care about a customer's continued business more than putting a focus on how you can better serve them! Conduct surveys focusing on how you can improve. You should also recognize them for their time spent. Using app's like TradeOn, your customers are rewarded with coupons from your business after completion of a survey. Learn what you can do to personalize your service even more from these surveys!

Remember, we are here for the customers. Losing one is not an option. A personalized customer service experience can be a main deciding factor on whether your customer will be a loyal customer or a one time deal. 


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