Affiliate Partnerships

Platypus Media, Advertising & Design is always looking for unique and innovative companies for partnerships!

Executive Partnership Benefits:

  • Creative revenue stream development
  • Dedicated Platypus Sales Team, Account Management and Support with tracking programs
  • Co-branding of products
  • Development of Retention/Upselling opportunities for Partner
  • Partner earns royalty on all products sold

White Label Partnership Benefits:

  • Your clients, our experts; your company sells & supports products
  • All products are branded for your company
  • Wholesale pricing (bulk discounts)
  • Company sets their pricing at any cost over Platypus Retail pricing
  • Sales support/training from Platypus

Referral Partnership Benefits:

  • Refer clients to Platypus and earn a royalty or provide discount to client
  • Platypus calls Client/Member base to sell Platypus products
  • Platypus handles all Account Management and support


  • Co-Branding Marketing Materials
  • Customized Product Training and Sales Support
  • Speciality Pricing and Royalty Programs
  • Dedicated Account Management & Customer Service
  • Affiliate Website Customization to Promote Products
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Partner With Us

Why partner with Platypus? Because we work with agencies like yours to extend your product line and profitability by creating awesome products for your current clients.

We can assist your clients in a variety of specialty areas including:

  • Website & UI/UX Design
  • Website & Database Development
  • Video Production: Commercials, product videos, documentaries, digital ad campaigns, and custom animated videos
  • Mobile App Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Business & Knowledge Process Outsourcing

We partner with nonprofits, franchises, agencies and any community and Association group with a membership base.

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