Video Production

Video is the most influential way to bring your brand identity to life. We’re dedicated to understanding your business to boost visibility in today’s market.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Video is a powerful medium for telling your story online. There is a reason why video streaming platforms like Youtube and Netflix account for the highest volume of bandwidth usage during peak hours. While the latest viral videos are certainly entertaining, we can all agree that nothing quite conveys a message like a sleek video with high production value.

Video Adds Value to Your Business

The power of video is even evident in customer buying habits. Did you know that a consumer is 85% more likely to do business with somebody after watching a video for the business? During that time, we told the stories of over 4,000 unique businesses, including hair salons, landscapers, contractors, amateur baseball leagues, and many more!

Platypus has been making videos for over 20 years, have the state of the art equipment and the most talented staff to deliver a polished product!

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