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Platypus products are created by digital media experts, with your business vision and needs in mind. We offer the best tools to help you build a strong and effective online presence. Each product package is exclusively designed to reflect the most desired and powerful online marketing business tools and trends today.

Website Design

Think of the internet as a modern day phonebook, and your website as a virtual business card. It’s the face of your business. We’ll make its first impression unforgettable with a responsive website customized to reflect your unique brand.

Graphic Design

Platypus’ Logo and Graphic Design packages helps foster that level of brand awareness for your business. A great logo or graphic design is designed to be immediately recognizable and embedded forever in the minds of consumers.

Video Production

Video is the most influential way to bring your brand to life. We’re dedicated to understanding your business to boost visibility in today’s market.

Social Media

It’s time to connect with your customers and achieve results! Our Social team builds a strategy to grow your following and brand, so you can spend time focusing on your business – not your Facebook page.

Business Listings

Business owners should ensure their company’s information is always up-to-date and consistent across several business listing platforms! We ensure that your business listings are always accurate and consistent, so that your company is perceived in the most positive light.

Search Engine Marketing

If the internet is the information superhighway, then Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns are the billboards. Businesses that invest in a SEM campaign enjoy the luxury of reaching their target audience more consistently, as well as acquiring new leads at lower prices than traditional advertisements.

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