Has Your Netflix, Reddit, or Tumblr Been Running Slow Today? It's A Net Neutrality Protest!

Using the Internet today is going to be very difficult. Many major firms and companies like Netflix, Tumblr, WordPress.com, Mozilla, Reddit, Pornhub, Kickstarter, and others are taking part in Battle For The Net's September 10th Internet Slowdown Protest. The issue at the center of the protest is Net Neutrality and the FCC's current debate over the Open Internet Proposal. If adopted as broadband providers would like, the "new" Internet could be regulated to give better website speeds to companies that pay for the advantage. But rather than speed up the internet as a whole, instead the speeds we know would become internet "fast lanes," with all other sites having their speeds slashed. These fast lanes would mean users could experience load speeds as slow as dial up--or worse.

Today's protest attempts to simulate that experience by slowing down page loads via forcing users to stare at a spinning wheel when they pull up their favorite site. Users are then given the opportunity to sign the petition to the FCC pleading for Net Neutrality. From its inception the Internet has been a place where all content and data is treated equally. The companies and people behind these protests want to keep it that way, both for philosophical and financial reasons.

You can sign the Battle For The Net petition here, but no matter what you do these sites will be slow as molasses until midnight. Let's hope this is the only day we ever have this problem.


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