Mother’s Day Ads: A Celebration of Love

In honor of Mother's Day, we found our favorite ads that celebrate moms in every way possible.

American Greetings

This ad will hit you right in the feels as it narrates a young woman on her way into a tattoo parlor to get her first tat. The twist? She got her wrist inked with the message that her mom used to write her on a card.

Spreading #MaaKaPyaar on Mother's Day, 2016

Mother’s day isn’t just for biological mothers, but also for those who treat kids as their own. Nivea went to this route highlighting the women who act like our mothers. The #JustLikeMaa ad took us to an orphanage setting where a little girl is given away for adoption. The little girl isn’t ready to go yet without telling her caregiver how much she loves her through a letter.

KFC Tender Wings of Desire

KFC rolled a Facebook ad encouraging users to download their 96-page romance novella for Mother’s day.  Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, the story follows two people from the opposite parts of the world, leaving home. Their actions caused their mother's’ heartbreak.  The ebook can be downloaded for free, aiming to give mothers a brief escape from motherhood and let them dwell into beautiful fantasy.

Whether lighthearted, comedy or heavy drama, these Mother's Day 2017 ads touch our hearts and make us remember the particular to our lives. Happy Mother’s Day to the great women!  


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