Stats, Stats, Stats: Mobile Adwords Campaign Management Now Available For Android

Google has recently launched an Android App for Google Adwords! This is exciting news for SEM Managers, like our very own SEM Manager Erik Kraft, who use Android phones and nerd out on evenings and weekends outside of normal business hours because they constantly work to deliver great results for clients.

This new app does not currently offer everything the desktop interface offers, such as the ability to create or edit ads, but it does allow SEM Managers to view campaign performance statistics, adjust bids & budgets, get alerts and notifications from Adwords, implement Google suggested optimizations/improvements, and call an Google Expert. This will be very handy when on a weekend road trip and needing to ensure a campaign started on the first of the new month, or to adjust monthly budget while waiting for a meal to be served while out-to-dinner with our loved-ones. They just love our commitment to our professional lives.

The app is only available for Android users currently, but Google is developing an IOS version slated for launch sometime this year.

Platypus SEM clients can rest-assured that their accounts are being monitored and adjusted as necessary, and now our team can do so in addition to a regular workweek, on evenings, and weekend getaways and vacations, where all they have is their phone.

(via Google Adwords Blog)


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