Maximize Your Revenue Through Hyperlocal Advertising

Hyperlocal Advertising (also known as, Local-Targeted or Geo-Targeting) is growing by the second, especially in this digital age. Local businesses everywhere are finding that hyperlocal advertising that is mostly focused on the needs of the people in that immediate vicinity are more effective than customary mass-market ads. Currently, the most popular method of local online content marketing comes straight to the consumer on their smartphone.


You’ve seen it—that box pops up on your smartphone before you login to an app that asks for permission to access the location data of the phone.  Well, once accepted, the app will know your GPS coordinates at all times. If that particular app also happens to be supported by ads, often the ad network or ad exchange that sells the ad space to advertisers will receive these coordinates, and voila!—you will now see hyperlocal content come straight to your app. And, although it may seem a bit “1984” that companies are able to get access to your location, zip code, exact vicinity, and even your likes and needs, it’s pretty ingenious and a very very lucrative marketing strategy.

There are many other ways besides the Smartphone to reach potential consumers. Check out these powerful hyperlocal advertising methods that should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy.

Geo-Targeting on Social Media: Choose specific cities, interests and demographics for all your social media promoted posts and ads. This method is actually super easy, even for those less technical. Facebook and Twitter both have step-by-step instructions and descriptions in the setup process, which is extremely helpful for choosing your localized target audience. Social media channels can reach thousands of people, so take advantage of this easy marketing tool!

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Community-based newspapers and magazines: YES, they still work. Perhaps the most traditional localized advertising method, it’s also one of the most reliable. Advertise in your local community magazine that provides deals and offers, and/or buy banner ads on their local website. Although this isn’t the most technically advanced way to advertise, most homes receive free print media in the mail, and you never know when your ad will catch your next customer’s eye!

Out-of-home advertising (OOH): Print and digital posters at bus stops, train stations, local malls; short video ads at storefronts and digital screens at the gas pump are all very powerful hyperlocal marketing channels.


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