Kurt Vonnegut Shows Us The Timeless Shapes Of Stories

Before he went down in the pantheon of American literature, even before the General Electric stint that would lead him to writing his classics, Kurt Vonnegut was an anthropology student.  After his military service, he enrolled at the University of Chicago, and there created an idea.  His Master's thesis centered around the concept that classic stories in his words, "have shapes which can be drawn on graph paper." The basic idea of the thesis was that a story's main character has ups and downs that can be graphed to reveal a story's shape.  These universal arcs would allow readers and writers to experience timeless tales in a visual way. Now intrepid designer Maya Eilam has brought Vonnegut's grand vision back to life.

This excellent infographic firmly supplants the doubts his university had about his theory with a very clear message: the stories that mean the most to us have very similar shapes.  When you're creating your stories, remember that there is a universality to the yarns we spin. Without a doubt, your story is worth telling. Like Vonnegut, we have created this idea at Platypus of telling stories visually. Through crisp web design and professional video, we get your story out to the proper places, so your audience can engage in ways you didn't think possible!

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