How Do You Know If A Business Is Working For You?

Trust is the underlying factor that drives a consumer to make a purchase. With every transaction, a customer is saying “You seem to understand my needs, this money is a physical gesture that I trust you will deliver those needs.” But how do you know for certain a business is worth trusting? We like to think that there are two types of companies, those who work for you, and those who work for your money.

The cynical point of view would claim that there are no more businesses that work for you. The concept is merely an idealist’s dream that no longer exists. Those that pose as such are merely lying to get to your wallet. While the cynic is right to an extent, his claims are overblown. Businesses that work for you aren’t extinct, but they are endangered. And despite our best efforts, getting deceived by a clever business that works for your money still happens. So how do we sort the good apples from the bad?

At Platypus, we ask ourselves everyday, what can we do to stand out as a genuine, online presence development service? We could write out a longwinded, carefully crafted mission statement to answer that question, but rather than waste your time, we stick to three key points:

  • Do what you say
  • Say what you do
  • Only sell a customer what they need

It makes no sense to pitch to a customer a new car when all they need are new tires. Doesn’t it make sense to apply this to all aspects of business? The most notable difference between a business that works for you and one that works for your money is the amount of time they stick around. Those in it for the cash grab are a flash in the pan, they're gone before you realize it. A business that works for you sticks around, if they really want to see you succeed, these businesses are in it for the long haul. Never trust a business that does anything else.

A company worth trusting doesn’t pump its products full of unnecessary fluff. Promise your best product and deliver nothing less. So rather than pushing an unneeded product, invest in gaining the trust of a client. Instead, a business that works for you advises you to drive decision making while simultaneously educating. Once you're ready to purchase who are you going to remember? The company that treated you like an individual not a wallet.


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