The Four Aspects of a Customer: Identifying Your Demographic

In order to attract your consumers, you have to understand who your audience is. While you might have an idea of who your product is intended for, how well do you actually know that specific demographic? Every detail about a customer can be divided into four aspects, take a look at these four big questions, perhaps they will enlighten you as to who your intended audience needs to be!

Who Are They?

This question has most likely been answered at some point during the infancy of your company. Even if you’ve described your customer before, have an answer to this question available, it’s a key foundation that you will need for the other three aspects.

What Are Their Interests?

Interests in this category is better defined as anything the demographic participates in. Think about what products this consumer uses? What types of information are they interested in and how do they get that information? What are their purchasing patterns, how long is their buying process? What do they do with their free time? What does their routine look like?

This aspect is made up of likes and dislikes, habits etc. Anything that can be placed in an online dating profile would go in this aspect.

Where Are They?

Having all the information from the previous category will prove invaluable to answering questions here. If you know your demographics interests (what they buy, what information they like, etc.) then determining where they most likely will be should come naturally. Determine where this demographic purchasing, where they go for information, where can you best reach this demographic?

What do They Find Valuable?

At last we arrive at what should be considered the most important aspect. Many of the questions posed here don’t have obvious answers, but they do the best of capturing the nature of any given demographic.

Why do they find your product valuable? What factors come into consideration when this customer is making a purchase? Can you identify the emotional state this consumer is in when considering a product? The hope that you will ultimately arrive at a solution to reach this demographic often and effectively.

It is important to stress that the ever changing nature of customers. Even if you can provide in-depth answers to all these questions today, that may not be the case by the end of the week. Stay vigilant and know your consumers!

If you are having difficulty getting to know who you should be targeting, consider incorporating TradeOn in your business. TradeOn allows for business owners to create quick surveys for their customers to fill out, in exchange for exclusive incentives. There are few better ways to learn about a demographic than asking them their opinions of your business!


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