ICYMI: A Week’s Round Of Apps

Every day, hundreds of thousands of apps are developed and downloaded. In fact, the app user interest peaked with  a 15% increase of downloads worldwide at the end of 2016, and the amount of time Time spent using apps, at  25 percent, generating 40 percent  growth in revenue.

So, what’s all the fuss about? We scoured the internet and found the best apps that made headlines.

Instagram Reaches Milestone

The image sharing platform has reached yet another milestone, generating 700 million monthly active users. It only took them four months to enjoy the 100 million growth, crediting its Stories, web signup, more data and flexibility. Instagram’s active advertisers also increased by 500,000 from last year’s half a million.

iOS Apps Show Vulnerability to Data Attacks

This week’s research revealed that over 76 iOS apps fell short in its security and privacy. These apps are susceptible to Man in the Middle data interception attacks due to its weak configuration. More so, malware attacks are also increasing which prompts everyone to be extra vigilant with the apps that they install on their mobile devices. Apple encourages developers to optimize its security protocol for verification issues.

Smartphone Users Access over 30 Apps On Monthly Basis

App Annie’s report shows over 9 apps are accessed by smartphone users with iPhone users accessing more apps compared to Android users.  However, Android users spend over 30% on games.  Among these users came from India, U.S.A, Japan, U.K. and Mexico. The study also shows that users are utilizing native apps and utilities, being accounted for the heaviest monthly usage. More so, popular apps that are accessed include social media, communication and productivity apps with dating and productivity apps taking the highest number of sessions per day.

Twitter Ups TV App Game with Live Videos in Roku

In an effort to expand its live streaming video content, Twitter launches its video app in Roku devices.  This offers a similar experience in the previous devices it was deployed to that include Fire TV,  Apple TV,  and Xbox One. This marks a smart move as Roku boosts 14 million active users. Roku users will be able to see tweets alongside with the video they’re currently watching. It will also offer original programming and live simulcasts. While Twitter and Roku worked on this app, they don’t offer Periscope support.

Whirlpool Acquires Yummly

Whirlpool has bought Yummly’s website and app to further strengthen its smart kitchen products. According to the appliance manufacturer, the acquisition will help build an integrated connected kitchen. This gave the company an exclusive access to Yummly’s more than one million recipes that can be integrated in its smart appliances. Whirlpool isn’t the only company that are gearing towards software and applications as Bosch has integrated Drop software in its ovens, a software that adjusts oven temperature and humidity levels via WiFi while GE used Alexa Skill to control its appliances via WiFi.

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