Hyperlocal Social Media Content: Connect with Your Audience at a More Personalized Level


Let’s talk about social media, but first, let’s do a brief thought exercise. Think about the past few social events you’ve attended, let’s assume one was a Labor Day barbecue and the other was a birthday party at the office. What types of conversations would you have at either event? Is there something you would bring up at one that you wouldn’t at the other?

Key Questions to Ask Yourself If Your Social Media is Working? 

Think of social media like these events. Since social media is, well social, the conversations you have on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram need to reflect your audience. An individual has to feel invested in social content if you want them to share, like, or even comment on your content. One solution we promote at Platypus is hyper-localized content curation.

67% of internet searches are affected by geolocation; giving local businesses a better chance in competing against global brands. Social connection with target audience takes place in proximity with geographical connection. Your business should cater to your local audience by providing them relevant content.

The Effect of Hyper-Localized Content
Hyper localized content isn’t a fad. Some brands have already embraced this strategy into their content marketing and see incredible results. Ritz Bits, a Mondelez brand sponsored over 1,000 youth soccer teams across the country where they encouraged players to share social content. The result was astounding, generating 100,000 digital brand engagements and a 77% lift in purchase intent among their target demographic. Hyper localized content provides value to your audience both online and offline. Consumers spend more time on different social media platforms with 20% of them using the platform in the hope of finding answers to complex questions. Answering these questions and being there at the moment and by the moment increases engagement rate among your audience, leading to customer growth.

We could talk about hyper-localized content all day, but talk is empty without evidence to give it weight. Below are some sample stats from real Platypus social media clients. On the top are impression stats when the client first came to us, on the bottom, are the stats we gathered after the same client was with us after one month. Take a look below:



About Hyper-Localized Content

With 97% of consumers searching for local businesses online, we can help put your brand in the front line. At Platypus, we believe in the value of tailoring all of our social media clients’ content to the industry they serve, and their local community. We keep an eye on local events, developing news stories, and stories of interest to determine the best ways to engage their audience. Platypus develops a tailor-made strategy for your company taking into account your industry, your market, your ideal audience, and the goals of your social media campaign. By fine-tuning the content to your audience, we are able to keep social media social!


The stats speak for themselves, not only do more people see the content, but more people are inspired to interact! By partnering with Platypus for social media, your social accounts will experience quick and steady growth month over month!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hyper-Localized Content strategy, contact Platypus today for a consultation!

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