How Will You Know It’s Time To Change Your Business Logo

Your business logo design is one of the most important graphics you’ll ever make, as it represents your brand identity. But does your company logo design need a little refresh or  maybe a full overhaul?! If you answered Yes to any or all of these reasons, it’s time to make a change to your company logo design.

You’ve had your logo forever. Some logos are so memorable, that you don’t want to touch them. But, if you’ve never made updates to your logo, it never hurts to make subtle changes that will make a huge difference such as size, font style, or color tone. Perhaps it just needs a simple update that still maintains the memorable graphic, but creates a more modern, fresh vibe.

Your logo online and in-print are different. Big mistake! Make sure your logo is cohesive with all your digital marketing materials. Social media, email marketing, print advertising—you name it, your logo should either have a few different variations or is exactly the same. If people see your logo in print and then it’s completely different online, they won’t remember it or will be confused, which is pretty much logo suicide. Consistency is key.

It should say more than it does. If your logo is too vague, it might be unrecognizable, and thus, your sales will suffer. Perhaps you need to a tag line or a by-line under your graphic to enhance it. Or, make it pop with a fresh new graphic that makes a statement. Maybe it says too much and the design needs to be refined. Whichever it is, consumers shouldn’t have to play a guessing game to know what you’re selling.

If you need help with your logo design, we can help! Visit our website today to inquire about a new logo design. And, for more inspiration, check out these famous logos that are simple, versatile, and memorable.



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