How to Take Good Photos Using Your Smartphone

These days, you don’t need an expensive camera to take professional photos or video. Your Smartphone can do it all! Here are some tips to taking stunning business photos with your phone camera that are insta-ready to post to your website and social media.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting is the key word here. Even though you’re not surrounded by artificial lighting that can make anyone look good, it’s still something to consider—like time of day or placement and angle of your shot. Sunrise or sunset are both great times to take photos, because the lighting is perfect. But if you can’t make either, make sure the sun is behind the camera, not behind the object or person.

Keep it Steady

The worst possible photo-faux is a blurry photo or shaky video. Make yourself into a human tripod—seriously. While holding your phone, hold onto your elbow with your other hand to stabilize the phone. Or place the phone onto something flat and then angle it the way you want. Regardless, be sure you’re getting steady shots, so your objects are crisp and clear.

Camera Composition is Critical

Have you heard of the rule of thirds? If not, you won’t forget it. As you frame your object in the camera phone, pretend that there are grid lines that intersect with one another on your phone’s screen. Place your subject/object wherever the lines intersect, which will off-set it, making it more creative and unique—and ironically, the viewer's eye will naturally go to that place. Some phones even have a Rule of Thirds grid that activates when capturing a photo.

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