How to Humanize Your Brand and Connect With Customers

People do not easily trust and transact with a brand. As a marketer, you can overcome this bottleneck by building emotional connections with your target audience and interacting with them on a personal level. Showing them that there are real people behind the company logo makes your brand marketing more trustworthy in their eyes. A creative brand marketing brings out the human side of your brand. Build trust before the transaction by following these guidelines:

Start with your company culture.

Employees can be your biggest brand evangelists, so get them to be social on behalf of your company! Take it from the top brand marketing companies who do it best.  When they share your company’s content through their social media accounts, they help you build a positive culture wherein employees take part in telling the brand’s story. What better way there is to humanize your brand than to show people who are working behind the scenes, what they do, and how engaged they are with your company?

Talk like a human being.

Some use jargon phrases as a way of showing their industry knowledge, but the truth is they can be counterproductive. You risk talking above your audience’s heads and making your brand less relatable. So people take action and don't miss your point, forget your industry jargon and communicate in a clear and straightforward manner, be it on social media or in your marketing materials. Acting like a corporate robot certainly does not reflect the voice and personality your brand needs.

Inject a sense of humor.

Don’t be afraid to add humor into your content to capture people’s interest. You can also share funny anecdotes, stories or even images of your employees at work. This allows your audience to better know your brand and the people behind it. When you are able to crack a smile or delight your customers through your own little ways, you are already exemplifying good customer relationship management.

Celebrate milestones with your customers

Every milestone is an opportunity for a smart brand marketing strategy. Whether your official FB page has reached 2,000 followers or your company just turned five, getting customers involved with your story makes them feel important. It makes them feel part of a tight-knit community. Flip through your calendar or ask the upper management about recent achievements, then create stories around them that you can share. You’ll be surprised how this communication program can help you connect with customers and build loyalty around your brand.

Customers want experiences, not things. If you allow people to experience your brand on a personal level instead of just pitching them your products or services, you can become one of the best brand marketing companies that resonates and sells. At the end of the day, you will realize just how important and powerful brand humanization is.



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