How To Craft the Perfect Business Listings Pages

We don't need to tell you the importance of having your business on online business listings. People use the internet to research businesses, products, and services every single day. Most likely, you are already on at least one business listings site. But do you know which ones? Can you guarantee you are getting the best results from your business listings pages?

Here are some expert tips to crafting the perfect business listings page to get business rolling in: 

Good Logo and Cover Photo: Make sure your logo and cover photo is a high quality image. Logo should be formatted for social media usage (i.e. square). Cover photo should include contact information and a brief list of services offered.

High Quality Photos: Try to have photos of the inside and outside of your business, your team, your official business sign, products, and action shots of employees performing your services offered. Client photos are always a great addition, with permission of course.

Bio: There are many business that are on listings that don't know that there is an option to have a bio on some sites. Those businesses miss out on a wonderful opportunity to connect with the consumer market. Have a company bio and short team member bios if you have space. Bios should be 1-2 sentences.

Products & Services: Don't just list your products and services, explain them. Nothing is worse than wondering what something means.  Make it easy for the people looking at your page.

Link: Drive traffic to your site by linking to your business website.

Call-to-Action: Have a call-to-action. Don't just list information about your business.

Video: If the listing site allows for videos, include them. The power of a video goes a long way.

Verify Listings: Verify your listings to make sure you have correct information. Verifications allow consumers to build trust for your business.

Be Consistent: If you have multiple listings, make sure your information is consistent and correct on all listings. Inconsistencies can hurt your business. Don't make people question which listing is correct.

Golden Rule: It's all about the basics. List your hours, location, phone number, and website.

Biggest No No: Inconsistent or wrong information on pages. Double check your information.

Use these expert tips to make your listings stand out and watch customers fly in!

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