How Do I Build A Website That Will Naturally Generate Leads?

As more and more consumers turn to the internet to research companies and the products and services they offer, it is important to have a business presence that supports lead generation.  Although websites are not the main contributors to generating leads they can be, with the right design. How do you make your website generate natural leads?

Here are a few things that a business should think about when building a website:

Path of Conversion

Before you can begin to build a website to generate leads, you need to understand the structure of how conversions work. The path of conversion shows how visitors turn into leads. Where do you want your site visitor to go? Give the site visitor directions without them knowing.


When a person is on your website, you want them to see the call-to-action. What will they get if they click? What are you offering them?  Once they click, they will be taken to the landing page. This page gives the visitors what you have offered them in the call-to-action, but only if they fill out the form. Once the form is complete and submitted, you have gained your new lead. Always have a page and confirmation e-mail that thanks them after the form is submitted.

Keep the Basics on Your Site

Include a contact number on your site. Although the majority of the site visitors probably won't call your company, having it on your site lends to your credibility as a business  and increases consumer trust.

Forms on Every Page

Make it easy for visitors to become your lead! Put a form on every page to increase leads and make it easy to access for the visitor. Keep it simple in the first step and only ask for a few things. More visitors will fill out the form because they don't have to give out personal information on the first step.

Incorporate Rich Media

Use visually appealing forms of media to have your visitors stay longer. The use of infographics and videos provide the key to prolonging the duration of a visitor. The use of videos, on average make a visitor stay two minutes longer on websites than those without.

"64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video."

The use of videos in your website can add positive value to your overall marketing strategy. Not only will it lead to an increase in sales and leads, your business will have higher engagement rates, click-though rates, and higher conversion rates!

Craft the Perfect Call-to-Action

Use powerful action words to describe your offer. Create a compelling offer to make your potential lead feel like they are receiving the benefits of your offer instead of imagining them. Words like "get", "feel", and "have" are powerful action verbs. Also, be sure to vary your call-to-action and change it weekly or monthly to attract new leads.

Purposeful Design

Every page on your website should have a goal and a purpose. While overall lead generation is your goal, every page should have it's own set of objections. You are trying to lead your site visitor on a journey through your site to meet your objections, design accordingly. Don't opt for your generic template. Put thought into your design and make it reflect your business and its objectives.

Mobile Ease

Business done on mobile device is rapidly increasing. More and more people will visit your site on their devices. They need to meet the mobile consumers needs. Mobile users seek out and prefer to engage with mobile friendly sites.

"52% of users who have a bad mobile experience are less likely to engage with a company."

Using a responsive web design can tailor your site to mobile users without having to redesign a separate site for mobile phones. With just a bit of coding your website can detect what type of device your visitor is using and adjust accordingly. Using a responsive design will gain you mobile-dependent leads.

Test, Test, and MORE Testing

One of the most important things in lead generating is conversion testing. Is your site gaining the leads that you want? See what is working and what is not by conversion testing. This allows you to see what call-to-actions are working and what landing pages are gathering the most conversions.

Try an A/B test! This is one of the simplest most effective types of conversion testing. All you have to do is set up two separate landing pages for your campaign. Your website directs half of your readers to one landing page and the other half to the other landing page. You can do a side by side comparison of how each landing page did.

Use these tips to naturally generate the leads you need to stay on top of the competition.

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