How Giving Incentives During The Holidays Work For Your Marketing Campaign

Christmas Season, ‘tis the time of the year when business sales skyrocket. However, it is also the toughest season for competition. Attracting potential customers to visit your website and other social media accounts is just the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge lies in encouraging your visitors to buy your products and services. Why would they opt for your brand when there are countless others to choose from?

One way to win customers is to incentivize them. Incentives influence buying decisions and ultimately generate sales. As you roll out your holiday marketing campaigns, here are some helpful tactics you can use to increase your customer engagement:

Revel in Holiday Season Promotions

Offering your customers discounts and exclusive privileges encourages them to ultimately take action. Take advantage of the holiday spirit and provide incentives such as free shipment and gift cards! You can also offer free gift-wrapping for every minimum purchase. Customers are likely to spend on something that has added value. Whatever type of incentive you offer, make sure the directions are easily understandable and doable.

Reward Regulars

Before you woo new customers, you should preserve your relationship with existing clients. After all, before the growth in your customer base  happened, there were the regulars. Show your appreciation for their continuous patronage by treating them to your holiday sales first. Use social media to announce exclusive offers for them. Truth is, fostering a strong relationship with your existing customers will go a long way.

Rekindle Old Relationships

Holidays are the best season to engage your past customers who haven’t connected to your brand for a long time. Identify these customers and offer them discounts and sales that are hard to resist. In addition, you can inform them of the latest news about your business since their last visit. Remember, it is easier to regain inactive customers than to gain new ones.

Resonate through Social Media

Keep your customers (even prospects) abreast with the latest promos through emails and social media posts. And make sure that your announcements are complemented by friendly “call to action” buttons. Prompting a heightened sense of urgency like that over the holidays can encourage users to act quickly on the opportunities you present.

Relate in the Mobile Sphere

More customers use their mobile devices to shop online, to compare prices, or to get product details. Don’t forget the mobile aspect of your campaigns and make sure your website is optimized for mobile transaction. To translate your mobile hits into sales, offer special products and services that are mobile-exclusive. Don’t miss out on the potential sales coming from mobile shoppers and include them in your holiday strategies.


Understanding the psychology behind reward and positive behavior allows you to increase your sales generation by leaps and bounds. Take advantage of the holiday spirit by incentivizing your customers. It’s a win-win strategy.

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