Tips for Fostering Healthy Customer Relationships

We have preached for weeks on end the importance of customer retention. Sure, we can share countless facts about the value a returning customer brings to your business, but we would be beating a dead horse at this point. Rather, we would like to share with you the most effective strategy to retaining customers.

Today we’re going to discuss building strong relationships with your customers. Earning your customer’s loyalty starts with making a genuine personal connection, here are a few tips we find most useful at building healthy customer relationships:

Consider the Entire Customer Experience

When you’re dealing with customers, the process is continual. They don’t disappear after you make a sale, remember they will also be the person to come to you with a complaint. Keeping this in mind, it is vital that the entire customer experience is positive. Customers don’t have a short term memory.

Remember Your Value to the Customer

No matter how valuable you perceive your business in relation to your customers, never take them for granted. You do not own a customer, all it takes is one bad experience to drive a customer out of your life and to your competition.

Stay Honest and Relatable

Consumers all across the board would rather do business with a personable company that the corporate machine of a big business. Having personality disarms your customers, they will be more likely to trust your recommendations. Don’t try to deceive your customers, by sharing the whole truth about your product, they will be further compelled to give you their business.

Give your Employees Agency

Encourage your staff to be genuine when they interact with customers. Don’t stress over making perfect automated people that follow a flowchart like script when dealing with customers, it will only come off as fake. Light banter from real people will remind your customers that they are interacting with a personable company, and it won’t go unnoticed

A great way to set out on building lasting customer relationships is collecting feedback to see how people perceive your business. TradeOn allows you to do just that! Customers are given the opportunity to share their opinions about your company, and in return they receive exclusive rewards for your business. This feedback can be used to make improvements that your customers want to see, and customers are encouraged to return to redeem their rewards, thus building that important relationship.

Remember you’re dealing with human beings, treat them as such and they will stay loyal to your business.



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