Google Car Is Missing Some Key Car Elements...Like A Steering Wheel

Google’s driverless car initiative has taken a huge leap forward. Tuesday night, the tech giant unveiled their newest model of the Google Car. While all previous versions of the Google Car have essentially been a car hooked up to wifi with a giant revolving camera mounted on top, this one has made some major strides with the driverless car technology.

Most notably, the new Google Car is completely independent from a human driver. All previous models have required a human operator to take control in emergency situations. This model has no steering wheel, gas pedal, or even brakes! People using the Google Car will be free to do whatever they desire, they would be completely hands free.

The end goal for Google is a future in which people can hail a Google Car, much like a taxi service. The car will take them to their next destination, then it heads to the next customer. This naturally means that there is no ownership necessary, anybody would be allowed to access the car.

Critics of driverless car technology are naturally concerned about safety. When you look at the track record of these cars however, the only two accidents on record are as a result of human error. Google will need to maintain this track record if they wish to get driverless cars out to the public.

Google’s next step is to introduce a suite of prototypes in California for extensive testing. If all goes well, we could very likely see driverless cars as the norm in the near future.


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