Full Steam Ahead! How to Keep Your Business Afloat During Hard Times

Static—an adjective, according to Dictionary.com that means “lacking in movement, action or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable.” Even the most successful entrepreneurs go through rough times—productivity is static and morale is low. Don’t let your business fall too far in a rut and lose its steam.  Here are our favorite successful business tips for beating the business blues.



The most successful leaders are strategic in their approach. If your employees are taking a back seat (or a snooze in the break room), it’s time to get serious and generate a clear business plan. Create common short term goals that will help boost productivity, while maintaining financial stability; and, in the meantime, strategize with your leadership team on the long-term goals that will keep the business relevant and the team inspired. Re-evaluating goals and creating a strategy to improve business and company culture is something you should do consistently to get you out of the static zone.

Check Out Your Competition

Get re-inspired by your competitors. Research their productivity, marketing and branding methods, and processes. Even if you learn what not to do, or that you’re now excited to make your business more unique and specialized—having that knowledge will give you that spark you need to grow and move forward.

Collaborate and Innovate.

There’s nothing better than a brainstorm sesh that gets everyone motivated and inspired to work. Set a daily or weekly meeting just for new ideas. Let your team collaborate and generate fresh, innovative objectives and business plans.  This will boost motivation as well as make your staff feel included and trusted. The more buy-in you get from employees, the more productive and proactive they become.


This means your clients and your employees. If productivity is down, most likely your clients or employees are too.  Stop this before it gets worse. Show appreciation for your current clients by sending emails or postcards with special discounts or referral incentives. Go above and beyond to provide stellar customer service that’s personalized and trustworthy. Same thing for your employees. Give small bonuses or perhaps a day off. Have office happy hour or game days. Or simply stop by their desks and check in and socialize.  These tips will make a huge difference in morale for both customers and staff.

The most important thing is to recognize your business is in this position and not wait too long before it gets worse. Sometimes we all need a little push to re-connect, grow and move forward. Cheers!



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