TradeOn: Your Good Luck Charm for Friday the 13th

Very few aspects of our lives are immune to the supernatural powers of Friday the 13th, and unless you sell good luck charms, your business is no exception. Sales are notorious for dropping on this unlucky day, the stigma of bad luck associated with the day causes many people to simply avoid the day all together. 

Fear of Friday the 13th has soaked into nearly every aspect of our lives, from the business we conduct, even to the very buildings we inhabit. A common practice among high-rise condos and airports is to ignore the number all together. Several Las Vegas establishments have outright banned the number by skipping this number when numbering the floors of their hotels.

Our fears of the infamous holiday naturally causes businesses to suffer. People tend to avoid traveling on this day, some elect to lay low and avoid leaving their homes! Event planners and similar professions suffer the most as people tend to avoid planning major events on Friday the 13th. That’s not to say that you’re totally in the clear if you aren’t in those industries.

Much of this anxiety can be attributed to our self-fulfilling prophecies that surround the holiday. I layman’s terms, since people already expect something bad to occur, the will attribute any setbacks to bad luck or Friday the 13th.

We suggest you create a new narrative for Friday the 13th, turn that self-fulfilling prophecy on it’s head! Rather than expecting poor sales, do your best to attract business on this terrible day! Offer incentives to the brave few who venture out of their homes and into your shop.

If you offer these incentives, your customers won’t be scared away. This is why we recommend implementing TradeOn as your business’s good luck charm! Previous customers will be reminded of their TradeOn exclusive rewards, and new ones will be encouraged to check out your business for your awesome incentives! If you want more information on the TradeOn app, check out their site found here!


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