Five Things We Can Learn from YouTube’s Best Pre-Roll Ads

As YouTube users, we have to endure the 5 second pre-roll ad that are sometimes irrelevant to our interests. This poses a great challenge in an entrepreneur’s perspective considering that only 30% of users sit through the entire ads. Love it or hate it, Youtube's best pre-roll ads can generate as high as 273% engagement, an encouragement for advertisers and marketers to make most out of that first five crucial seconds to hook their audience and keep them watching the entire ad. If you haven’t taken advantage of the pre-roll ads or In-Stream Video advertisements, you can take cue from these brilliant brands who have mastered the art of pre roll ads:

1. Play with their Emotions!

Who knew hooking up a cute puppy to the skip button could be effective? Nail Communications takes us to the guilt trip as it dares the viewers to press the skip button with the catch, “You can skip this ad, but then, you’ll electrocute this puppy.” Those who see through the entire ad saw the puppy safe and with company even donating a portion of the money to an animal charity, ASCPA. Nail Communication definitely knows how to evoke the right emotion at the first five seconds of their clip resulting to a 26% of viewers watching the full clip.

2.      Interact with the Skip Button

Even before the five second mark hits, users are already on the look for that magical YouTube skip ads button. Rather than dreading the button, Opel Mokka, a German compact SUV, interacted with it and made this a part of their ad. They had their SUV drove over the skip button, avoided it in the dark and even crashed on it.


    3.   Think Outside the Box

Take it from Geico who made it to the best ad campaign in 2015 to take their creativity to the new level. With their brilliant take on the 15 second mark, they have earned the Film Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as well as the Ad Age's first-ever Campaign of the Year award. Within 5 seconds, they have already delivered their tagline but the good stuff comes in after. They played with false still images giving the ad a comedic vibe. Such brilliancy and creativity garnered them more than 14 million vows and even encouraging people to check out Geico!

4.       Be Bold

Eat24, a food delivery app, takes advantage of reverse psychology. Rather than encouraging the viewers to watch the entire clip, it asked the audience to press the skip button. The message was simple but their method was innovative increasing their app downloads by 75%. More so, 90% of their viewers completed the clip garnering a whopping 7.1%.


5.       Observe your Audience’s Interest

When it comes to relevance and novelty, Burger King takes the first spot. The burger giant acknowledges how annoying pre-roll ads can be by featuring two guys ranting about their annoyance on pre-roll ads. These guys were strategically served by great value burger king meal.  What made their ads creative is that they came up with 64 different YouTube video ads based on what the videos that the users wanted to watch. Planning to watch a shark attack or Jimmy Fallon’s latest jokes? Burger King has a corresponding pre-roll!

Because of the skippable nature of pre-roll ads, crafting a brilliant video content  that relates to your audience and encourages your potential customers become more challenging. However, with these tips, you can level the playing field and have your viewers sit through your ads!


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