Filter Your Way to Success: Instagram For Business

A picture is worth a thousand words. The meaning of the saying is the same on all levels. When it comes to business and your brand, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Build and tell your brands story on a medium that caters to over 200 million active monthly users. Instagram supports a creative community that revolves around image and video sharing. Inspire people to care about your brand through visual storytelling. Use vivid pictures to capture the attention of Instagrammers and show them what is unique about your brand.

Here are a few content strategy tips:

Define your goals: Think about how you want Instagram to fit into your  marketing strategy. What are your objectives and goals for using Instagram for your business?

Follow a theme to form a cohesive story: Make sure your posts and videos are authentic to your brand and convey one voice. Follow that theme to build up your brand.

High-quality content: Work with your creative team to craft the perfect image or video idea for your brand. Subjects in content should be authentic and natural. Show people what your brand is really about.

Brand awareness: Chose an account name that reflects your business and is tied to your brand. Try to have the account name your business name. In your profile photo, simple is better. Use your brands logo  or symbol. Pro Tip: profile photo will be cropped into a circle 150 x 150 pixel image, choose something that will look good small.

Short and sweet: Keep captions short and sweet. Ask questions and try to engage people. Use no more than three hashtags.

Engage: Engage with your followers and follow them back. Don't forget to like and comment others posts.

Tagging: Tag relevant people and location to add different elements to your story.

Edit Tools: Play around with image editing tools! Don't be afraid to use filters and don't be afraid to have #nofilter. Variety keeps your story interesting.

Balance: Mix up your content with fun posts about your business and actual business related posts. Create engagement with fun content. This is a great opportunity to show your company culture.

Integration: Use Instagram to add value to other parts of your marketing strategy. Embed your content on your blog, website, or share on other social networks.

Here are two great examples of companies that are killing it on Instagram:



Follow these tips to see increased brand awareness and engagement levels. Connect with a community of highly creative individuals and inspire people to care about your brand. Tell your brands story though the lens of how you see it. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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