Facebook Launches Slingshot App to Compete with Snapchat

Move out the the way Snapchat! Facebook is coming at you with its own version of Snapchat, Slingshot. Facebook's first attempt to replicate Snapchat, Poke, failed after only a month. Facebook then decided to attempt a Snapchat buy-out. After Snapchat reportedly turned down 3 million dollars from Facebook to purchase the App, they decided once again to make their own. Slingshot officially launched on Tuesday, June 19 on iPhone (iOS7) and Android (Jelly Bean and KitKat). Slingshot allows users to send videos, pictures, and superimpose text over the image. The app is very similar to Snapchat except for one thing.

Slingshot forces the user to send a picture or video in order to view a Sling! Users will receive a push notification with a pixelated image, but will be unable to view the image without sending a Sling in return. Slings pique your interest to want to see more! With Snapchat, you never are guaranteed anything in return for your creative Snaps. The idea behind Slingshot is to take the passive users out of the mix and turn inactivity to creativity.

When everyone participates, there’s less pressure, more creativity and even the little things in life can turn into awesome shared experiences. - The Facebook Slingshot Team

Facebook believes that Sling will allow people to share content in an open supportive environment, where the need to send a "cool" Sling's is removed. Slingshot may prove to be a challenge to reach some people, as they may not want to be an active user. However, it offers the ability to connect to more people and share your moments. You don't need to have a Facebook account to use Slingshot. But, you can connect with more people by connecting with phone contacts and Facebook as well! Will you be on Slingshot?


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