The Exact Steps Necessary To Build Your Personal Twitter Brand (Guest Post)

Let's face it: a lot of people really don't understand Twitter. Everyone knows Twitter is important for business, but if you've never been active, how do you even start building your personal network? As it turns out, the roadmap for growing your Twitter is simple: it's just hard work. In 5 easy steps and less than a month I've been able to grow my Twitter account to over 900 followers. For the record, 2 out of the 5 steps are exhausting. But if you follow them and dedicate the time, you can grow your personal brand on Twitter.

1) Twitter Bio

Have an excellent short bio. Outline who you are, what you love and that will give a reason for people with like interests to follow you. Use hashtags, tag specific things you're connected with, and be yourself.

My Bio: Co-Founder & CEO at @DanceMusicNW. Marketing guru at @FoundationSEA. I love #EDM, being abnormal, making friends and sports. #GoHawks #GoMariners #GoSounders

2) Tweet Daily

Tweet daily. Tweet with a purpose. Tweet to your demographic. I know why my followers are following me, so I give them what they want. That's how you get the most interaction and that's how you get your followers to keep following you.

3) Follow New People

Follow new people. It's as simple as it sounds. If you love the Seahawks, search trending hashtags like #Seahawks #GoHawks #12thman and interact with what you find. Check out a few profiles you like and give them a follow! More than likely when they see your bio and that you're a Seahawks fan, they're going to follow you back because you have like interests.

4) Direct Message All Your New Followers

This is the most exhausting out of the steps. Direct messaging every new fan may not be logical but it's effective, and you'd be surprised how much of a connection this has directly with your bio. Most of the time I'll DM my new followers with something simple, "Hey, thanks for the follow!"

I'll get responses like, "No problem", "You too!" or maybe not even an answer at all, but sometimes I get, "I love the Seahawks! Did you watch the game last Sunday?", "You love electronic music? What do you do?" and those are the gems. A simple conversation starter like "Hey, Thanks for the follow!" has now turned into potentially a great conversation that could lead to something more, like creating a super-fan.

5) Interact With The People You Follow (favorite their Tweets, mentions, Re-Tweet)

This is probably the least time consuming step. Interact. Favoriting a Tweet is harmless, if you see something you like, take the .1 seconds and hit that * button. If you see something that interests you and you might want to start a conversation, don't think about it, just do it.

Now Re-Tweeting is the action that should be used sparingly. If you see something you know your followers would love, that's when you Re-Tweet. If you start Re-Tweeting everything you see, you're going to overload other people's feeds and they're going to not follow you and probably never talk to you again because you've just inconvenienced their life in the smallest way possible. Sound lame? It's true and annoying. It's like getting 20 email forwards a day from the same person, you think "I'm not going to read any of these" - delete.

And that's it! Follow these steps and your personal Twitter brand will explode. From there, growing your business is as simple as sharing it with all your new friends!

Joshua Schweigert is the Digital Marketing Manager for Foundation Nightclub, Seattle's newest all-EDM format luxury nightlife destination. He is also a fanatical Seattle sports fan. Follow him on Twitter here!


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