(Video) The Economics of Employee Happiness

Running a business is hard work and most business owners have a lot on their plate. How can they naturally build up success in their business? The key lies in their employees' well-being.  The overall success of a business is a reflection of the employee happiness and well-being.  In fact, companies with happy and engaged employees bring in two times more revenue than those without.

Look forward to getting higher ROI by keeping your employees engaged!

"Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year."

TIP: Create a company culture that supports your employees. One of the keys towards employee retention is getting them actively involved in developing your culture. In turn, they will be dedicated to your mission and values because they are active members in making those mission and values happen.

Employee engagement leads to:

Employee engagement leads to:

Higher quality of service: Your employees are more productive and committed to providing a higher quality of service.

Higher customer satisfaction: Your employees will be more willing to go the extra mile, providing excellent service, because they WANT to. This leads to an increase in sales because your customers will want to come back and will refer your business.

Return customers and referrals = higher profits.

Engage your employees and let them bring success to you! Your employees will love working for you and naturally enjoy doing their job. Your employees can be your biggest ROI.  Besides providing employee incentives, you should also support them and their well-being and see your business' ROI go up in the process!

The equation for success is simple: Employee Engagement + Your Business = Happiness -> SUCCESS



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