5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

It's probably a no-brainer that social media has become one of the biggest uses of our time every day. Most people sit with social tabs open on their machines and periodically switch to dial in and see "what's up." But in addition to changing the way we communicate with people and content, it appears that social media use is fundamentally altering our brain chemistry.

ASAPScience has posted a video detailing the 5 ways science is showing the effects of  social media to our brain. It's a little unsettling to hear that social media use is akin to drug addiction behavior. But a quick thought about how quickly we jump to our phones when notifications come in makes it pretty easy to believe. The video clearly lays out the nuts and bolts science behind the bullet points, and that's pretty much that.

On the upside, people who meet online are more likely to be happy long term in their relationships. So there's that...


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