Secrets to Mastering Customer Service

You don’t need us to tell you that customer service is important, there are plenty of stats available suggesting just that. According to Kissmetric in 2011, 98% of customers said that customer service was one of their three most important factors when choosing a company to do business with.

If you’re looking to improve your customer service, we have a few tips that will lead to greater customer satisfaction, and ultimately more sales. Here are a few useful practices that should improve your customer’s experience:

  1. Encourage Your Customers to Speak Up - The end goal of developing your customer service is to create the best possible experience for your customers. So doesn’t it make the most sense to just ask for your customer’s opinion? Asking for your customer’s feedback is a foolproof way to learn what they want to see out of your business!
  2. Keep an Active Online Presence - Social media is the greatest way to stay connected to your audience. As we continue to advance within technology, presence on social media is becoming a requirement rather than a suggestion. A customer service strategy without an online presence is more or less dead in the water these days. Most customers will do their research online before ever taking a step through your doors, being active online allows for you to answer questions, provide useful information, even offer exclusive deals!
  3. Don’t Withhold Information - Ever wonder why companies like Comcast are so often in the running for worst company of the year? The answer is simple, they make obtaining straight forward answers impossible to obtain, thanks to their convoluted customer service labyrinth. Handling a customer’s complaints for troubleshooting issues is not challenging. The key to handling customer complaints is as easy as having any relevant information readily available. If you aren’t sure of an immediate solution, just be up-front, your honesty will be refreshing!

One step you can take towards utilizing these three keys is the use of emerging customer service technologies. TradeOn is a perfect example. Small businesses can create short surveys, asking for feedback from their customers (encouraging your customers to speak up). These surveys are found through the TradeOn app, located conveniently on your phone (keeping an active online presence). Customers can then give honest feedback in exchange for exclusive rewards available only through the TradeOn app! Your business can use this information to better improve your image, possibly even field answers to criticism you may receive (making information readily available).


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