Commercial Blunder: Singapore Gambling PSA

Happy Saturday, we have another incredible commercial blunder for you, this time we’re turning our attention to Singapore!


If you paid attention to any form of media the past couple months, then you’re aware that the World Cup came and went. For those who don’t know, Germany won it all, taking home the cup and the glory. Singapore released the following commercial at the beginning of the tournament. All in all it’s powerful, except for one issue:

(**Note: The text at the end of the video reads “Often, the people who suffer from problem gambling aren’t the gamblers. Kick The Habit. Stop Problem Gambling)

It goes without saying that Andy now has his savings and then some thanks to his dad’s incredible foresight. Aside from the obvious, it’s hard to ignore the irony of all the aspects surrounding this commercial. When the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) pitched this commercial idea, they failed to understand that predicting the loser of the World Cup is just as much a gamble as gambling on the actual games!

Let’s think about it, the NCPG predicting a loser is no different than the average person putting money on a winner. Granted, the odds are much more favorable to guess a loser than pick the winner, the entire commercial loses it’s value when you realize that the very foundation of the commercial is based off of a group of people “gambling” on the loser to get their point across.

The NCPG likely has thousands of dollars tied up in this campaign. Since Germany won, rather than having a powerful message about a poor boy condemned to poverty by his father’s addiction, the message fails to connect, who’s going to feel bad for the kid who’s dad won big? There entire “investment” is now completely worthless!

If there is anything to take away from this campaign, it's don’t create an entire ad campaign that rests on something that is out of your control!


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